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General Info:

Viking: Sigurd's Adventure gives you a chance to become a brave warrior hero shanking hordes of enemies and solving mysteries on the way to his main goal: the battle with a mighty dragon named Fafnir! The game is mostly meant for kids and teenagers, yet the grown-ups will still be able to find lots of interesting stuff in here. The game has nice cartoonish visuals everyone may like, from younger audience to mature fans of quality arcade gameplay. The players will visit 45 different levels including dark woods, ice-covered mountains, and scorched wastelands. There's a boss at the end of every location! The main character is a charismatic warrior skilled with both an ax and a set of exquisite jests. Collect gold coins to purchase better weapons in the game shop. Locate secret stashes with runes to make your hero even stronger. Follow Sigurd's story following comic cutscenes telling a light-spirited game story. All of this accompanied by excellent soundtrack immersing the player into the atmosphere a magical Norse myth saga.

Genre: Platformer
Platform: PC
Game length: 8-12 hours
Release Date: Coming in early 2019!

In the game you will find:
- 3D graphics
- 3 mighty bosses
- 45 levels with rating system
- Chests with runes
- System for upgrading your character
- Choice of weapons
- Scandinavian music

To install the game just follow these 3 simple steps:
-Download the zip file
-Unzip the file
-Launch "Viking: Sigurd's Adventure"

Hello, friends!
Our game is finally released. If you want to make a letsplay or video review, we will provide steam key for free.

Full version of the game available HERE


Viking PC Demo.zip 94 MB


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Very nicely done game!!  Sorry we got the name wrong in our intro :(  

Pretty nice game!

good arcade

coming early in 2019 boys

too bad i dont have money :'(